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Friday, December 09, 2005


Back in the Hardin-Simmons days, there was an ongoing debate between me and my friend Lex: Golden Chick or Chicken Express? Lex preferred the Golden Chick and I always sided with Chicken Express (or as the cool kids say “Chicken-E”). Whenever you could get the student special which featured 4 tenders (but they distributed 5-6), fries, a biscuit and gravy, and a large drink for $3 you couldn’t turn it down. What set Chicken Express apart was the sweet tea, but no kind of chicken competition exists in Waco. All you have here is Bush’s Chicken, which pales in comparison to both Abilene fried chicken establishments.

I hate going to Bush’s Chicken. Everybody praises it, but I don’t honestly know why. They serve rolls instead of biscuits. Not fresh ones at that. They have that “we’ve been sitting under a heat lamp for 5 hours” look. To make matters worse, we always get the corner rolls, the ones that resemble a rock more than bread. To their credit, they have crinkle fries and Serendipity but these alone don’t do it for me. And to top it all off, they give the exact amount of tenders as posted on their signage. I wouldn’t call them tenders even, they’re more or less chicken bits.

Bush’s runs a monopoly on the chicken industry here in Waco, so if you are interested in starting a Golden Chick or Chicken Express franchise in Waco let me know. How can people know that something better exists out there if they have never seen, smelled, or tasted anything else? I don’t even care about the debate anymore…I just want good fried chicken.


At 2:53 PM, Anonymous Chris said...

I do love (and prefer) the Chicken E over Chick-of-Gold, but unfortunately the closest one to us is in Little Elm, about 20 min away. Fortunately it's near the church, so a tender/mashed potato/okra Sunday lunch is always in the hat. As I recall, the biscuits at Chicken Ex haven't always been great, but I think they're improving.

At 3:27 PM, Blogger Jay Scott said...

My rankings:
#1. Golden Chick: the biscuits are un-toppable
#2. Chicken Express: the sweet tea is good
#4. Bush's Chicken: i'm just not a big fan of this place either

At 3:58 PM, Blogger Lex said...

I have changed my mind, by the way. Golden Chick really went downhill a couple years ago, IMO. They were the show back in my early days in Abilene, but once the unstoppable force that is Chicken X moved in, the folded like a sheet.

I never understood what was so great about the sweet tea, though. I think it's way too sweet.


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