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Monday, December 19, 2005

Closing Time

I hate to say it, but this blog is now officially closed for business but have no fear because my new blog can be found at I'm kind of sad to see this one go, but it will still be up if anyone ever chooses to browse the archives section and see my posts from the past 9 months. So gather up your belongings, change your blogroll, add me to your favorites, and head over to my new blog. See you there. Peace, I'm out!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


A new website is coming soon I promise. Look for the launch in the near future.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

One Way Ticket

I get hear Brian McLaren this morning at UBC. This will make the second time I have heard him in person, but this will be the first time I have heard him preach. Giddy-up.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

A Link Share

I usually never do this, but I want to offer a few links that you might find amusing or entertaining. Instead of fully devoting myself to school this week, I got a little distracted and found a few websites during study breaks. Here you go:

You might be emerging if... - check out this guy's take on the emerging church. Most of these descriptions totally fit me. I'm doomed!

Phone complaint and Dance Remix - I found this at Dan Kimball's blog (author of The Emerging Church). This should keep you laughing for hours to think that someone took the time to put this diddy together.

Jesus T's - And you thought those "A Bread Crumb & Fish" shirts were bad. Can you picture your pastor getting up to preach in one of these this Sunday?

Follow the Star - this is a great site to help you prepare for Christmas this year.

Clark Griswold would be jealous - some people have too much time on their hands, but this is beautiful.

Enjoy, it's Saturday! Time for a little UT vs. Duke.

Friday, December 09, 2005


Back in the Hardin-Simmons days, there was an ongoing debate between me and my friend Lex: Golden Chick or Chicken Express? Lex preferred the Golden Chick and I always sided with Chicken Express (or as the cool kids say “Chicken-E”). Whenever you could get the student special which featured 4 tenders (but they distributed 5-6), fries, a biscuit and gravy, and a large drink for $3 you couldn’t turn it down. What set Chicken Express apart was the sweet tea, but no kind of chicken competition exists in Waco. All you have here is Bush’s Chicken, which pales in comparison to both Abilene fried chicken establishments.

I hate going to Bush’s Chicken. Everybody praises it, but I don’t honestly know why. They serve rolls instead of biscuits. Not fresh ones at that. They have that “we’ve been sitting under a heat lamp for 5 hours” look. To make matters worse, we always get the corner rolls, the ones that resemble a rock more than bread. To their credit, they have crinkle fries and Serendipity but these alone don’t do it for me. And to top it all off, they give the exact amount of tenders as posted on their signage. I wouldn’t call them tenders even, they’re more or less chicken bits.

Bush’s runs a monopoly on the chicken industry here in Waco, so if you are interested in starting a Golden Chick or Chicken Express franchise in Waco let me know. How can people know that something better exists out there if they have never seen, smelled, or tasted anything else? I don’t even care about the debate anymore…I just want good fried chicken.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Boo for Final Exams

The weather is gross outside today and our house is cold. There’s nothing on my agenda. No places to go, nowhere to be. Today is a “study day” for finals that start tomorrow. I have my Starbucks Christmas Blend and theology notes in front of me, but there’s an absolute lack of motivation for studying for Texts and Traditions I. It’s one of those days, Friday cannot come soon enough.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Paint Chips

My youngest brother always keeps me entertained. My parents and other family members wouldn’t entirely agree, but he really makes life interesting. It’s not that he is a funny person, but what he does that’s funny. He’s funny in a Chris Farley kind of way. His actions and mannerisms are what make him humorous.

Like the rest of America, our family ventured the mall the weekend after Thanksgiving in search of slashed prices and hot deals. My parents were looking for a new pair of dress shoes for my brother and we’re sitting together in Foley’s watching him try on pair after pair after pair. It was an exhaustive process. He’s really particular about his shoes because he has gargantuan feet and likes to curl his toes. Nothing really seemed to work, until he tried on a pair of Steve Madden slip ons. Even these weren’t really fitting right, but somehow he squeezed his size 12 foot into those shoes after wiggling, finagling, and finally stomping them in place.

I forgot to mention, my brother was trying on dress shoes in cargo shorts. He looked like an old guy who was mowing his yard or filling up the gas tank. And he’s a pretty good sized boy, strapping and solid. As soon as he stands up with his slip ons, he looks in the mirror, pauses, and then does something completely bizarre. In a very high-pitched voice, he says, “I’m a little Dutch boy. I’m from Holland!” and proceeds to dance around the chairs by hopping from one foot to the other. It was a Pillsbury-esque.

My mom looked on in complete embarrassment, while my dad regained his composure in the mens’ sport coat section. I was doubled over at the side of the shoe section and the 50-year-old shoe guy slowly backed away. By the way, he didn’t buy those pair of shoes.